a special project

The first AIR Design project, Bytes2Matter is a 3D production studio from Bucharest, Romania. The visual identity for Bytes2Matter  was built around  the idea of tridimensionality, with respect to the company's main production activity. The second main concept behind the identity we created for Bytes2Matter is inovation, not only in technology, but also in design. Last but not least, the visual identity is meant to convey exactly the fact that Bytes2Matter is a company dedicated to sustainable and ecological production.


Mirela vescan makeup

makeup, vip, brand

Mirela Vescan is one of the most renowned and prize winning Romanian make-up artists, with a huge work portfolio built in over 25 year of experience in the field. The name Mirela Vescan has become a brand in itselft, a brand which is now defined by a new brand identity by AIR Design.